“This arbitrage betting software lets me walk away with more money every time, no matter who wins.”

Gamblers worry about who wins the game, hoping they’ll get lucky and win big. Most of the time, they don’t. And those who do inevitably end up with an empty wallet again because luck didn’t last.
Arbers don’t need luck, though. They bet carefully-calculated amounts on all outcomes at different bookmakers and don’t care about the final score – they win either way. These bets are called surebets or arbs.

Too quick for your bookie to react.


Bookies are supposed to account for that when calculating odds. Except, there are so many games, bookies, and sports that hundreds of arbs are created every minute. Too many for ANY bookmaker to keep up with

BetBurger found at least a hundred fresh ones since you started reading this page.


Arbs also get fixed quickly. So you’ve got to place your bets fast before the sloppy bookmaker notices a mistake and adjusts the odds. That’s where BetBurger comes in and does everything on autopilot for you.


Every minute, our surebet software scan hundreds of global and local bookies, then find opportunities for you to win money by betting without relying on luck. Then, we give you direct links to both bookies’ websites to place the bets in just a couple of clicks – no wasting time on navigating the bookie’s website manually.


All you have to do is show up, place your bets, and win.

Many bookmakers to choose from. Surebet filtering options. And above all very fast. I have been using it for years and there is nothing better on the market.
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Works with YOUR bookmaker.

What use are these arbs if they’re for some obscure Swedish or Asian bookmakers that you can’t access? Well, BetBurger works with hundreds of different bookmakers – from global giants to small local ones. (Including those Swedish and Asian ones in case you need them.)

There’s a 95% chance that we are already scanning the main bookies you want to use. And even if you can’t find some specific bookmaker, you can ask us to add it.(If we can support it, we’ll add it.)

Bet365, William Hill, and 400 other bookies available right now.
Initial bank
Betting strategy

Your income

270 / month
3285 / year

Pick a plan

Calculator shows the approximate level of income. The real profit directly depends on arber's knowledge and experience.

Instead of losing money

Decide how much you EARN every month and Earn 270 and more per month
Initial Bank
Is the invested amount that must be evenly divided among several bookmakers for further betting.
Betting Strategy
Is a way of working with surebets. The simple betting strategy requires 2-3 hours of your time a day, while the aggressive one – 8 or more hours.
Calculator shows the approximate level of income. The real profit directly depends on arber’s knowledge and experience.

With surebets and valuebets, without extra payments.

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Most tools will promise “the best scanner in the world”, then charge you hundreds of dollars for a tool that only scans a handful of bookmakers, only gives pre-match surebets, half of which break every other week.

And even if they do offer you things like valuebets, it’s even for fewer bookies and just as unreliable. And it costs extra.

BetBurger is an arbitrage betting finder that gives you access to both valuebets and surebets under the same subscription. Whether you decide to use one or the other, do both, or switch between them every once in a while, you will never EVER need to update your subscription.

Everything is included.

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Try it yourself There’s a free-forever plan. No credit card required.
The service offered by this company is the best, I have been using it for more than 3 years and it has been excellent, thanks to them I have been able to generate many profits, I recommend them in addition to the excellent customer service
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Earn 10x more money with API.

If you can code—or can hire someone who can—we can give you up to 1,800 surebets and valuebets a minute via our API. Yours to filter, bet on, and profit.

No manual work required.

See what our API can do for you
Become a world-class arber, for free.

Some of our most successful customers have learned about arbitrage betting from us.

We’ll teach you to earn more as well. For free.

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